Top 7 Ways HNN can Make the Most of your Patients’ Wait

By How To's

1. Entertainment– Instead of wrinkled magazines and generic talk show content, with HNN your waiting room can be filled with engaging, educational content that is specifically designed for your clinic.

2. Get To Know the Staff– Through HNN’s custom designed content, your patients can get to know more about your clinic’s staff. This may spark conversations and facilitate great relationships.

3. Learn More– Through HNN’s educational content, your patients are able to learn more about their health conditions and associated risks during their time in the waiting room.

4. Clinic Specials– HNN’s custom content gives your clinic a chance to inform patients about any coupons or specials your clinic is currently offering in hopes of prompting purchases.

5. Sales– HNN’s manufacturer advertisements inform patients about products your clinic offers. This will keep patients educated about the products currently on the market and has the potential to spark conversations with you about what products are best for them.

6. Conversations– The specially designed HNN content can facilitate conversations between patient and healthcare provider by prepping the patient before their exam on what to expect while also informing them of the newest technology and clinic services.

7. Returning Patients– Every doctor wants loyal patients that consistently return to their clinic. HNN’s custom content option allows your clinic to advertise all the services you offer, informing patients for future visits.

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