When Every Minute Counts, Make Sure Your Patients Aren’t Counting the Minutes

Whether you arrive early or your appointment has been delayed, nothing is worse than feeling like you’re stuck waiting while your time is being wasted.

Your patients feel the same way. Everyone’s time is important, but your patients’ time in your waiting room is much more valuable than you’ve ever thought. So why are you wasting it with daytime talk shows or cooking demonstrations? Take advantage of every single minute that you have a captive audience in your waiting room!

The 2014 Kantar Media’s MARS Consumer Health study found that patients exposed to point-of-care marketing and educational materials were more likely to take action, including talking to their doctor about a specific brand or drug. The study also indicated that doctors are the most trusted source of healthcare information, with nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants close behind.

Doctors today are busier than ever, often seeing patients for just a few brief minutes. To supplement the appointment, patients are receiving point-of-care education—like video content—that not only inform them, but, according to 90% of primary care physicians, also improves doctor-patient dialogue.

In addition to educating patients, engaging waiting room video content helps alleviate the stresses of being at the doctor’s office and helps patients feel that their time is being valued. Simply needing to come in for an appointment is anxiety-inducing enough, regardless of how far they drove, how they feel that day and what other things are weighing on their mind. The last thing patients need is to nervously check the clock every five minutes to see how long they’ve been waiting. Dynamic, relevant video in the waiting room keeps patients interested and involved while creating a more interactive and beneficial appointment.

It’s simple: educated patients feel respected, are more proactive about their health, trust your clinic and become lifetime patients.

Every minute counts, and Clear Digital Media knows that. By providing you with dynamic, customizable content, your waiting room becomes a space to engage with patients on a whole new level. Turn one-time visitors into lifetime patients with three unique tools: the Hearing News Network, Klear Impakt Channel, the Patient Referral System, and Custom Digital Content. Give your patients a memorable experience while educating them about their health and your office. Visit www.ClearDigitalMedia.net today to learn more and get started.



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