What how Why – Michelle Maher

Michelle Maher is our Vice President of Client Services and is a key player on our team. Here is a little about what she does on a daily basis to ensure our success.


What do you do for CDM?

I’m fortunate that I have a very long list of things I get to work on every day. This happens to be something I enjoy! Anything that contributes to an excellent experience for our clients can potentially fall into my bucket and it’s a wonderfully fun full bucket. Thankfully I have tremendous colleagues that work tirelessly to carry out our vision of constant & consistent delivery of service for complete client satisfaction & delight!

The true nitty gritty is that I’m involved with many aspects of sales, marketing, operations & finance. I participate in process analysis, development & refinement, product development, partner relationships and client communication & feedback.

How do you accomplish your goals every day?

Through great collaboration with my colleagues, efficient use of technology & processes, excitement for our products & services and gratitude for creativity, fun, energy & passion from our clients.

Why do you do what you do?

I find it thrilling to make connections! Listening, observing & understanding. Relying on experience while being open to change.  To me, this means I am paying attention.

I can’t claim this as an original thought, but I love this philosophy:

Outstandingly successful companies share this: They identify what clients regard as important and put this at the center of the business. They manage their business through the eyes of their clients.

I want to keep asking “What solution is in the best interest of the client?” That’s the Why for me every day!


Contact Information:

Michelle Maher – michelle.maher@cleardigitalmedia.net – 630-321-2338


You can learn more about Michelle in her bio HERE.

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