What you Need to Know if You are New to HNN


If you’re a new HNN subscriber you may not know what to expect when you install this new player in your waiting room. Brace yourself. You are about to be blown away by what HNN can do for your clinic. Below are some things you can expect once your HNN Player has been installed in your waiting room.

  • Your waiting room is about to come to life! Regardless of what type of entertainment you had in your waiting room before, HNN is going to blow that all away. You will see educational hearing content, manufacturer ads for products you offer, custom videos created for you clinic, and so much more. Beautiful animation and imagery, alongside relaxing, happy music will fill the space.
  • Your patients will begin to ask more thoughtful questions. Most of the video that plays on HNN encourages the viewer to speak to their hearing healthcare provider for more information on a particular topic. Patients feel encouraged to ask more questions and after watching HNN, they have a base knowledge of that topic to begin the conversation with.
  • You will be blown away by the variety of content. We have upwards of 1,000 videos that can be played on your screen. If you add in your custom content and manufacturer videos, your playlist will never play in the same order twice.
  • After seeing what is already on your screen, you will be inspired to create more content. Our team is at the ready to create any custom pieces you might want to add to your HNN screen. All you have to do is contact us at communications@cleardigitalmedia.net and our team can get to work creating a video that discusses any topic you can dream of.
  • You may even be inspired to take this incredible video content beyond our waiting area and use it on social media or in other marketing outreach strategies. That is where HNN2Go comes into play. You can take any video you see on your HNN screen and have it customized to play on your social media channels.

To learn more about HNN, please visit http://info.clearsounds.com/CDM_HNN

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