Your Waiting Room Entertainment Options


We understand you have many options when it comes to waiting room entertainment. Let’s discuss what these options may be:

  • Cable – You can have cable channels playing in your waiting room. Maybe daytime talk shows, the cooking channel, or the news. But unfortunately, you can’t control the messages that are being broadcast. The news could be discussing tragic events or a competitor’s commercial could play during the break.
  • Manufacturer DVDs – These help control the message and advertise products that you are trying to sell. But at most they are only 20 minutes long. Your staff has to restart the DVD several times an hour or the screen stays blank. Not to mention the monotony that comes with watching the same thing every 20 minutes. It must drive your staff insane.
  • Magazines – These are a staple in nearly any healthcare practice, however, they are expensive. In order to provide a magazine supply that fits the interests of the majority of your patients, you will need to subscribe to upwards of 15 magazines. Plus, they get outdated so quickly, the magazine ends up in the recycle bin before most of your patients have had a chance to enjoy it.
  • Smartphones – Every patient has their own smartphone so you can easily rely upon them to entertain themselves during the wait. However, you are missing out on an opportunity to control the message and use this time more wisely.
  • Radio – Some practices choose to pipe in radio music to create a calm environment. The issue here comes with appealing to everyone’s interests. How can you possibly pick a station that appeals to you, your staff, and all of your patients? And once again, you begin to worry about the commercials that are being played on the radio. You cannot control what messages are being sent in your practice.
  • HNN – HNN solves all of these concerns. You can control your message down to every individual video. You can ask to have certain videos removed and add custom videos as well. The playlist consists of a stream of more than 1,000 videos that are constantly reorganizing and shuffling so that the playlist never feels repetitive for your staff or your patients. Plus, we are adding new videos to the playlist every day. As this network is streamed into your waiting room, it can be updated instantly. Current videos can be added and outdated videos can be removed fast. Not to mention that all of the background music played in our videos is designed to be relaxing and appealing to all audiences.

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