Who Can Benefit From CDMTV?


You may be considering adding CDMTV to your waiting room, or you may already have it and are wondering who directly benefits from this network. Patients, families, staff and so much more!

Patients of course benefit from learning about hearing health and its relationship to other health concerns. However, they will also learn about your clinic, special offers, staff members, services, and more through your custom content. And don’t underestimate the power of the loved one accompanying the patient during their visit. Keeping a patient’s family educated and involved in the health care process is invaluable.

And don’t forget about your staff. They can benefit immensely from adding digital signage to your waiting room. First, adding testimonials to your screen is a great way to remind your staff how influential they are in a patient’s journey. Adding employee of the month videos are a great way to honor your hard working employees and share their accolades with your patients. Additionally, having more informed and preconditioned patients makes your employee’s jobs easier. Patients ask more informed questions, are direct during their exam, and typically, exams are shorter with a patient who has been exposed to digital signage.

You can learn more about getting started with CDMTV here: https://cleardigitalmedia.net/cdm-tv/

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