Ways to Use CDM TV to Improve Your Practice


Digital signage, like CDM TV®, uses digital screens to display content such as images, video, streaming media, and information.  As a practice, you are offering services or products that are solving a problem.  You have to be able to sell those products or services, and digital signage may be just the tool for you.

When implementing digital signage as a media strategy, it is important to have a clear direction, know the desired result you are hoping to achieve, and understand the expected return on your investment.

Digital signage content can include the following:

Product/Service Awareness:  You can introduce new products/services you offer, highlight a seasonal offering, create FAQs for your products/services, and point out sales or specials.  These can be location specific as well if you have multiple locations.  All of this can be made possible by our incredible design team. We can create nearly any video, custom for you and your screen.

Education: CDM TV® is designed to educate your patients during their short wait. The programming can fill them in on industry research, comorbidities, and helpful tips and tricks, all while preconditioning them for their appointment.

Engagement:  Get patients engaged by using digital signage for data visualization, program announcements, staff introductions, social media links, and communication.  Your patients will feel at east when they lean more about your practice and their healthcare providers before their appointment. Plus, they learn how to engage with your between appointments.

You can use your CDM TV screen to invite your patients to upgrade, tell  the story of your practice, share your charity involvements, get them to connect to your social media sites, have an interactive way to provide directions or wayfinding, or introduce other programs or clubs your offer your patients.

Digital signage as part of your marketing strategy is a smart move.  Whether you believe it or not, content drives your practice and the less of it you produce, the further you get out of the world’s view.  To learn more about how CDM TV can impact your practice, please visit https://cleardigitalmedia.net/cdm-tv/

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