4 Benefits of PatientPoll™


Here are four benefits healthcare practices can gain by surveying patients with PatientPoll™ instead of a limited sample via mail or email.

1. Gain a more accurate understanding of patient experience. Tablet-based surveying enables healthcare practices the opportunity to capture every patient’s voice, ensuring that patient experience data represents all groups of patients, not only those who are randomly chosen for the survey or those who actually mail in their responses.

2. Improve response accuracy. Patients are handed a tablet with PatientPoll™, therefore you receive results significantly faster than mailed surveys. The shortened gap between patients’ practice experience and their survey response can improve the accuracy and authenticity of their responses since they’re in real time.

3. Shorten the improvement cycle. Point-of-care surveys of the entire patient population not only yield more and accurate responses, but they also get the data to you faster, allowing you to make improvements more quickly. In fact, PatientPoll’s™ easy to use dashboard makes it easy for you to tabulate results in seconds after the patient completes your survey allowing you to take action and remain agile.

4. Target specific patients. Having more data gives healthcare practices the opportunity to analyze the data at a detailed level so resources are deployed most efficiently.

With PatientPoll™, you are able to have multiple surveys loaded on your tablet at once. You can hand the tablet to a new patient and have them complete a survey about their first impression and what they value in a health care provider. Or you can hand the survey to a long-term patient with questions about loyalty and improvements they would like to see. You can ask your patients questions that are relevant to them by having several survey options available.

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