Reputation, Pride, and Satisfaction Boosted by Digital Signage


In an atmosphere of consumer savvy and scrutiny, the quality patient experience wins health care centers an admirable reputation and a grapevine that results in widespread respect in your community. Members of the care team build relationships with your patients that last. People trust the care team, and because they are more satisfied, they complain less.

Adding digital signage, like CDM TV, to your waiting room can boost your practice’s reputation, employee pride, and patients’ satisfaction. When patients know their time is being valued, they are more likely to walk away from an experience feeling positively. CDM TV keeps your patients entertained and engaged even if you’re running a few minutes behind. Providing them a better form of engagement than dog-eared magazines shows that you value your waiting patients’ time and want to educate them on the facets of hearing loss rather than let them watch a ticking clock.

Patients who walk away feeling great about their experience are far more likely to tell a friend, give a review, or post on social media. This positive publicity and word of mouth will boost your practice’s reputation in your local community and can draw in new patients.

Happy patients, an influx of new patients, and a modern new feature in your waiting area can get your staff excited. Changes in their work place that makes their jobs easier is great news for your staff members. They are more likely to be proud of where they work and offer referrals when they are happy in their workplace and with their results.

CDM TVcan have a dramatic impact on your practice. To learn more about both services, please contact us at

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