The Benefits of Digital Signage in Healthcare


A new patient enters your clinic. He is not sure about the sign-in process but he proceeds to the check-in desk and follows the instructions the front desk person gives.

Then he finds a seat and pulls out his phone to help pass the time.  He might grab a coffee if it’s offered, but he settles in ready to wait.

This is a typical scene at any doctor or dentist office.

Now as a healthcare professional, you can change this process for your patients and also benefit your practice if you were to implement a digital signage system.  A CDMTV digital signage system consists of a digital display screen and a media player that runs content relative to your patients and your practice.

So what are the benefits of adding CDMTV to your waiting area?

Help reduce perceived wait time.  The average patient waits about 15 minutes after their scheduled appointment time.

HNN or KIC can reduce perceived wait time by occupying your patient’s time with content that fills the void. Content that is entertaining, educational, and engaging helps ease nerves and makes the time feel as if it is passing quickly.

Entertain and Educate through Engagement.  Digital signage can entertain, educate, and engage an audience through the use of content.  You get to decide what content you want displayed which can be customized to fit your practice, services, products, and patient base.

Content can include: product or service offerings, specials that are specific to your clinic, meet the staff and doctors within the practice, FAQ’s, latest health information specific to your industry or specialty, news, weather, seasonal messages, social media engagement, manufacturer ads etc.

Increase Sales.  You may gain a quick Return on Investment for your digital signage system if you take advantage of advertising.  You can advertise new products your office is offering as well as services.  An example: you are a dental clinic and you are offering teeth whitening for a special price because it’s wedding season. This message can be updated and displayed on your CDMTV screen for as long as you need and can be changed when required.

Event Attendance.  You can use your CDMTV screen to inform patients of upcoming events you are hosting – lunch and learns, fundraisers, community outreach, etc. You will be educating and engaging with your patients while building your guest list of attendants at your next event.

HNN or KIC is the perfect digital signage solution for your healthcare practice. Earn more at or contact us at

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