6 Ways that HNN will Change your Clinic


  1. Your waiting room is about to come to life! Regardless of what type of entertainment you had in your waiting room before, HNN is going to blow that all away. You will see educational hearing content, manufacturer ads for products you offer, custom videos created for your clinic, and so much more. Beautiful animation and imagery, alongside relaxing, happy music will fill the space.
  2. HNN creates an inviting space in your waiting room, not only with the great music, but also by showing your patients that you value their time and want to use it wisely.
  3. By playing hearing aid manufacturer’s videos on your screen, you can increase your patients’ knowledge about the newest technology on the market. This will not only make your patients more curious about the products you are offering but also get them more familiar with the product before you offer it to them.
  4. Your patients will begin to ask more thoughtful questions. Most of the videos that play on HNN encourage the viewer to speak to their hearing healthcare provider for more information on a particular topic. Patients feel encouraged to ask more questions and after watching HNN, they have a base knowledge of that topic to begin the conversation with.
  5. Your patients can feel more comfortable with you and your staff by getting to know more about your practice through custom content. Your patients will learn about you while they wait and will have plenty of conversation starters to get the conversation flowing. Not only will your patients have more to say to you, but they will also be more educated on topics you are discussing with them.
  6. You can increase your social media following. Your HNN playlist contains several videos that encourage patients to find your clinic on social media. It is a great way to continue your patient engagement between appointments.

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