3 Tools Prospective Patients are Using to Find You

In today’s digital world, prospective patients are now active partners in their medical journeys. They are using search engines, their mobile phones, and educational video to find clinics and research the care they are looking for.

In recent studies, prospective patients are telling us that digital matters. And if a clinic cannot easily be found online, they are not likely to even know the clinic exists, let alone be interested enough to book an appointment.

Patients are using 3 key tools when they are attempting to find a new health care clinic: Search engines, mobile phones, and digital video. In order to have the highest chance of being discovered online and attracting new patients, you need to be using all 3 to advertise to your patients.

Search is Indispensable in the Patient Journey

77% of patients used search prior to booking an appointment. Meaning that they used a search engine to find a local practice that meets their health care needs. In order to be easily found on a search, your clinic needs to have great SEO. Updating your site regularly, having a mobile-friendly layout, and adding video to your website are all ways to boost your SEO and make it easier for new patients to find you.

Mobile is the Patient’s Constant Companion

In today’s world, it is a tragedy if someone leaves their smartphone at home when they leave the house. We rely on it for everything: maps, communication, searching, and entertainment. A mobile phone is a constant research companion that is in the pocket of every patient. Not only should your website be adaptive to work on mobile phones, but also you may want to consider including mobile advertising into your marketing plan. You can reach prospective patients on the device that they hold most dear and spend the most amount of time on.

Online Video Informs and Connects

We already told you that adding video to your website or social media is a great way to boost your SEO, but it is also a great way to engage with your current and prospective patients. By posting custom, educational videos to your social media pages, you are becoming a resource for your patients and interacting with them before they even schedule their next appointment.

1 in 8 prospective patients watched the online video on a website before deciding whether or not to book an appointment.  And after watching video, the viewer is likely to talk to friends and family about the topic, share the video, contact the clinic, and even schedule an appointment the same day.

Our CDM team is ready to help you reach new prospective patients on the platforms they are already using. Just email us at Communications@cleardigitalmedia.net to get started today.

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