Become a Resource for your Patients


You see your patients several times a year for regular exams and cleanings, but how are you helping them between visits? Every interaction with a patient is a chance to get one step closer to the purchase of a new hearing aid or the request for more of your services. That is why you need to stay in contact with your patients more frequently and ensure that they are fully satisfied every time they come to see you.

Clear Digital Media can help you maintain contact with your patients, before, during, and after their appointments.

Before a patient’s appointment, you can engage with them on social media by posting clinic updates, special events, and educational content. You can be educating your patients about their healthcare between visits by posting the captivating educational content that SocialVideos2Go™ has to offer.

You can ensure that your patients are fully satisfied when they come to visit you by reducing their perceived wait time with Hearing News Network®. By adding a customizable educational network to your waiting room, you are showing that you value your patients’ time and want to provide value to their visit even if you are running a little behind. Plus, you can use that screen to advertise the products and services you offer.

After a patient’s appointment, you can ensure their satisfaction by offering them your PatientPoll tablet. Doing this shows the patient that you value their opinion and want to make improvements that benefit the patient.

Be a resource for clients and be their first touch point. Give them reassurance that their issue will be solved quickly and smoothly.

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