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By MDEmails

HCP Email Broadcast

Get your email message delivered to healthcare professionals (HCPs) quickly and cost effectively. Our partner’s experience with thousands of successful email deployments over the last decade allows us to help you target your ideal prospect, design your creative, deliver your message, provide key metrics, and achieve ROI results for all your email marketing campaigns.

Automated Resend Email Campaigns

Fully 70 percent of HCPs receive marketing information 2 to 5 times before they make a decision to act. What this means for you: Marketing to HCPs is not a one-and-done process. Use our automated resend email programs to help you achieve better results with minimal effort.

Real Time Personalization

The best time to send emails is when the HCPs are reviewing their inboxes. Our proprietary state of the art technology allows us to target HCPs by which email they open most frequently and identifies when they are most likely to open their email so we can get your messages into the right inboxes at the right time for maximum attention and results.

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