In-App Advertising is Taking Off…It’s Time to Get Started

In-app mobile advertising is seeing some of the biggest growth of all advertising media. The reason why: Smartphone users are spending more and more time with apps, not with web browsers. If you want to reach the audience of smartphone users, you need to invest in in-app mobile advertising. SmartFencing can help make this possible for your clinic.

Here are 3 reasons why in-app mobile advertising is a smart move:

  1. The audience is more engaged: In-app advertising responds to a natural evolution of how people are using their smartphones and mobile devices. People are becoming more engaged with mobile apps, instead of the mobile web.
  2. In-app advertising is more effective: In-app advertising performs 11.4 times better than standard online advertising. In-app advertising (when done right) tends to be more effective because it’s unobtrusive, it blends in to the overall experience of using the app and it’s more relevant to what people want to know.
  3. The audience for in-app ads is more sophisticated: Instead of trying to get people’s fleeting attention with online ads, in-app mobile advertising puts the message in front of a self-selecting audience that tends to be more receptive to in-app advertising. The reason is, if you’re advertising in a game or in a specific app, your in-app advertising message or offer can be highly focused and relevant to the needs of that specific audience. This leads to higher click-through rates and better results.

How can your practice take advantage of this great marketing opportunity? Simply visit to learn more about SmartFencing and contact Brad Dodson at when you are ready to get started.

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