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Custom content is at the heart of HNN. You can empower your waiting room by sending the right messages when you turn your waiting room into a powerful patient engagement tool. Adding custom content to your screen gives you the opportunity to tell your story any way you wish.

Patient testimonials are a great way to add more custom content to your waiting room. They are a great way to advertise the impeccable service your clinic provides, and they allow you to connect more deeply with your patients. Testimonials are rewarding and motivate staff to continue to provide quality service. Most importantly, testimonials empower patients. However, they are not always the easiest projects to film.

That’s why we are offering some quick tips on how to film your own patient testimonials that can be shared with the CDM design team to create high-quality custom content for your clinic. Just click on this link — CLICK HERE — to read about how you can easily film your own patient testimonials.

ENT practices are seeing the value of Hearing New Network for their patients. We are proud to announce that we are now offering educational content specifically for ENT clinics. Some of the video content includes segments on Allergy Myths, Sinus Anatomy, and other ENT-focused videos.

Our ENT locations have already started receiving new content and we’re working hard to add more. Just click on this link — CLICK HERE — to learn more about our fantastic, new ENT content. If you are interested in receiving ENT content on your screen, please contact our Content Architect, Abigail Tichler, at abigail.tichler@cleardigitalmedia.net.

Have you noticed anything new on your HNN screen? We are excited to announce that our design team has developed our own line of Creature Kingdom and Location content. It’s important, in order to connect with all types of patients, to have a broad library of content including what we call “filler” content to break up the monotony of hearing loss-related pieces.

Patients in your waiting room have short attention spans, and if they are bombarded with hearing loss content and manufacturer ads, they mentally disengage. Creature Kingdom and Location videos give us high-quality filler pieces to keep the audiences engaged and connected with our content. This is why we also include Happy News Bites and weather information. We like to call this content Infotainment or Edutainment!

Just click on this link — CLICK HERE — to view a sample of our Creature Kingdom or Locations content. If you have any questions about our new content, please contact our Content Architect, Abigail Tichler, at abigail.tichler@cleardigitalmedia.net.

As you may know, we have launched our new website which now includes options for using your custom HNN content on your social media networks. It also displays great examples of our custom and educational content and is the home of our new blog.

Just click on this link — CLICK HERE — to take a look at our new website. And be sure to keep up to date with our blog — CLICK HERE — for tips and tricks to get the most out of your HNN screen.

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