Family Friendly Content

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Have you taken notice of the great content playing on your waiting room screen lately?

Our team ensures that all of the content that plays on all of our networks contain uplifting music, positive messages, and entertaining animations.  Patients and their families in waiting rooms can be anxious, concerned, and skeptical. We do our best to ease their nerves before they even enter the exam room.

Approximately 70% of patients bring other family members into the clinic with them. All of the content that plays on our networks is appropriate for all ages. We develop content that not only engages your patient; it influences the influencer—the family.

We do our best to provide educational and entertaining healthcare content without inducing and anxiety or stress. We want your patients to feel empowered and knowledgeable about their health and their clinic.

In addition to our healthcare content, we provide short news segments. We select the most interesting and appropriate news of the day, and we only focus on the uplifting and entertaining news while avoiding violent or depressing topics.

According to studies, point-of-care marketing has proven to have a positive impact on customer lifetime value. Implementing point of care marketing such as HNN® or KIC results in increased lifetime value of each and every patient.

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