Breaking Down Geofencing

Geofencing can be an incredibly overwhelming and confusing topic. However, if it is broken down, the concept can be easily digested. Let’s start at the beginning: what is a geofence? A geofence is a GPS enabled electronic barrier that allows medical practices to send location-specific messages to potential patients’ smartphones once they enter into the defined geographic area, which can range in size from a single building to an entire city.

SmartFencing will send an electronic beam from a satellite in space down to Earth. That beam creates an invisible fence around a set location. When someone crossed that fence with a smartphone or tablet and they open one of 80,000+ apps, they will see an ad telling them about special things like cool products, sales, and other marketing stuff.

Marketers like geofencing because they’re super easy to create and convenient for customers. And they get a good ROI because they can send ads to people who are close to your practice. And patients like geofencing because can get access to good deals and clinic news without having to look for it or clip coupons.

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