Discover Why It’s Important to Market to the Patients in your Waiting Room

By How To's

If I already have a patient in my waiting room why do I need to market to them?

Whenever there is something new and innovative, like customizable digital waiting room signage, there is bound to be questions of value and need that follow shortly thereafter. The most important thing to remember is that you’ve spent a substantial amount of money getting them to your practice through patient acquisition. Therefore it becomes even more essential to maximize every moment you have with them.

In the case of HNN and its justification for being the most effective objective viewpoint in your practice, we need to ask ourselves a more important question perhaps than the first one.

Are there areas in the practice or patient journey we need to address?

Discovery Questions:

  • Do you feel an increased pressure to close a hearing aid sale in that first or second visit once you’ve got them in the door?
  • Are you concerned Costco, Sam’s Club, and the availability of cheap online solutions is impacting your patient’s perception of your value?
  • Do you find your staff as well as yourself investing increased or excessive time in addressing basic information and questions with patients?
  • Do you spend valuable appointment time addressing patient’s concerns rather than in testing and fitting?
  • Are you missing revenue opportunities because you do not have the time available to focus on accessory, complementary product, or additional service sales?
  • Are you finding it increasingly difficult to overcome price objections with your patients?

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