Get More Data with PatientPoll™


One of the main criticisms of patient satisfaction surveys is that their results are not reliable. It’s true that not all surveys meet the standards for statistical reliability. When your asking patients to use their free time to complete your surveys and drop them back off at the post office, it can be a challenge to gather enough responses to have accurate data. PatientPoll™ solves this issue. By using the tablet-based, in office survey system, you can get answers while the patient is still in your office. No need to recall their experience hours or days later. Plus, by handing your patients the tablet, you are establishing that every patient completes your survey ensuring more accurate results.

30%-35% is the typical response rate for a mail-in survey, you can blow that number out of the water with PatientPoll™. And you can do it all at a fixed rate. Poll as many patients as you want. Mix up your questions, pull a report on the data, all for the same low price.

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