Hearing News Network™ Collaborates with American Heart Association

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Hearing News Network™ Collaborates with American Heart Association to Expand Heart Health Education at the Point of Care to People with Hearing Loss.

AUSTIN, TX — Clear Digital Media, the first and only digital content creative & deployment agency for the Hearing Health Care market, today announced a collaboration with the American Heart Association, the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke, to help educate people with hearing loss, Audiologists, ENT’s and Hearing Care Professionals on heart health and the connection between a healthy heart and good hearing.

“By adding educational content from the American Heart Association to Hearing News Network™, our point of care video content platform positioned in Hearing Health Care and ENT practices throughout the country, we significantly enhance the awareness of the comorbidities between Hearing Loss and Cerebrovascular & Cardiovascular Disorders,” says Michele Ahlman CEO of Clear Digital Media.

Heart disease is the most common medical condition in the US, and it is linked to hearing loss. The circulatory system plays a crucial role in the auditory system and nervous system, both of which enable us to hear.

“Ensuring we engage hearing care patients with information that has massive positive impact on their overall health is very important to us. It fulfills our core values, “continues Ahlman.

Read our press release on The Hearing Review.

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