How Geolocation Can Improve Your Local Marketing


Wondering how to build connections in a specific location? Using geolocation data can help you find the right people to connect with.

We all know that mobile advertising can be a great tool to build awareness for your business and develop loyal communities. However, cutting through the noise and finding the right people to connect with can be challenging.

That’s where geolocation tactics come in. Using specific location filters the way SmartFencing does can help you improve your Twitter marketing efforts and bring focus to your marketing goals.
The most obvious uses for geolocation are to improve your local marketing and brand awareness efforts.

SmartFencing is about targeting a specific area or radius around a location and only delivers your custom ads to mobile users within the designated area. This way you can ensure your message is being delivered to the right people in the right places.

Imagine if you knew which mobile users were living in your practice’s neighborhood or had a business on your street. Wouldn’t it be great to connect with them, and let them know about your offers and services? Well, now you can. SmartFencing is effortless and affordable. Learn more here:

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