28 Digital Signage Content Ideas for Your CDM TVScreen


As a business using digital signage, one of your trickiest tasks is planning ideas for new content to keep displays interesting. Thankfully, our team takes care of maintaining fresh and seasonal generic content for your scenes. But your custom content may be lacking. If you need a little help brainstorming some custom content ideas for your screen, you’re in luck. We have put our brains together and come up with a list of content ideas for CDM TV®.

  1. Inspirational quotes
  2. Staff Bios – Let your patients learn a little more about your staff members.
  3. Operating hours
  4. Upcoming closed holidays
  5. Reviews/testimonials – Share what satisfied patients are saying.
  6. Press — Showcase recent mentions of your business in the press.
  7. Commercials — Show your business’ latest advertisements to reinforce branding.
  8. Announcements – major anniversaries, new services, product releases.
  9. Upcoming events— seminars, training sessions, guest speakers, holiday parties.
  10. Milestones — Point out milestones like reaching a certain number of sales, years of services, community members added.
  11. Practice trivia — Interesting facts or history about the company
  12. Practice social media accounts — Display your practice’s official social media profiles.
  13. Health and wellness tips – We provide many of these in our generic content, but if you have specific tips for your patients, we would be happy to add them to your playlist.
  14. Manufacturers’ ads — advertise hearing aid manufacturers that your practice offers. We have a whole library of manufacturer videos. Just email us and we can add them to your feed.
  15. Comfort Menu – List the items you have available to your patients to make them more comfortable during their visit: water, snacks, blanket, chapstick, etc.
  16. Upcoming sales — Everyone loves a good deal.
  17. Services – a list of services your clinic provides for your patients.
  18. Welcome – creating a special welcome video introducing new patients to your practice can make them feel at ease.
  19. Referral Program – if you offer any sort of incentive for a patient to refer your practice to their friends and family, your HNN® screen would be a great place to display it!
  20. Financing – If you offer any special financing options. Be sure your patients are aware by placing a custom video in your waiting room.
  21. Other locations— If your practice has multiple locations, tell patients where else they can find you.
  22. ENT Information – If you offer ENT services we have a whole library of ENT videos that could be added to your screens. Just email us and we can have them playing right away.
  23. Battery Program – If your clinic offers any sort of battery club, advertise it on your waiting room screen.
  24. Philanthropy – if you give back to your community in any way, brag about it on HNN®!
  25. Veteran Discounts – if your practice offers any special pricing for veterans, let them know.
  26. Spanish Content – We have a growing Spanish content library that can be added to your screen if your patients speak Spanish.
  27. Awards – Share any acknowledgments your practice has received.
  28. Seasonal and Holiday Greetings — Display custom graphics wishing viewers a happy holiday.

CDM TV’s®  live feed allows you to display any content ideas you may have. These are just 28 ideas to start your brainstorm. Call or email our team today to bounce ideas off each other. communications@cleardigitalmedia.net.

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