How to Increase the Facebook Visibility of Your Clinic

By HNN2Go, How To's

It’s likely that your clinic has a Facebook page that you use to interact with current and potential patients.

Because your audience is naturally limited by the area you serve, local marketing on Facebook can be challenging.

This post will demonstrate five ways to use Facebook to get more local exposure for your clinic.

#1: Use Local Videos and Images

Facebook native video is more visible and gets more reach in the news feed, so it’s a good idea to have a Facebook video strategy for your local business.

SocialVideos2Go™ offers a huge library of videos that can be customized with your clinic’s logo and contact information. You get to choose the topic you would like covered. And if you’re an HNN® subscriber, your custom waiting room content can be shared on your social media pages.

When your local clients recognize your clinic’s name and logo, they’re more likely to visit your page and your business.

#2: Feature Your Customers and Fans

Share photos of happy customers on your Facebook business page. Personal photos help your visibility with the friends of your customers. This is why we encourage all of our clients to add employee bios and patient testimonials to their waiting room screens.

Also, thank your patients from time to time. Post an image and tell your community how much you appreciate them.

When you have a post such as a photograph that people can easily like, you increase your chances of being seen by those people in the future, because they have already interacted with your page.

#3: Use Reviews

Social proof and recommendations can benefit your clinic in a major way, so use the Reviews capability on Facebook for your local business. Reviews show up prominently on mobile phones especially.

To enable reviews, make sure you set Local Business as your category and have a physical address. You also need to check the Show Map box on the About tab.

Be sure to respond to all reviews (good and bad). If you have negative reviews, try to correct the issue. You may even want to consider giving your best patients a little incentive to leave a (hopefully positive) review about your product or service.

#4: Create Awareness Ads

Reach people who are interested in your clinic with an awareness ad. Posting an informative/educational SocialVideos2Go™ video will present your clinic as a resource on hearing loss and it will make a potential client more likely to visit your clinic when he or she decides to get a hearing test.

All of our SocialVideos2Go™ videos include a call to action by encouraging viewers to visit/call your clinic to learn more information on the video topic.

#5: Offer Special Perks to Your Fans

Your patients want perks. Use things like Facebook Offers, special coupons or check-in incentives to help get your patients through your doors and increase your sales. You can do something simple, like the “guess the quote” post below, and put those who gave the correct answer in a raffle to win.

Whether your winners get a prize or are eligible for a special offer, announce them on your page. This will keep fans coming back in anticipation of the results. This is also a great way to advertise a limited special offer that your clinic is offering.


While engagement and visibility aren’t the true endgame for your clinic, they are part of the equation. Facebook is where people are hanging out and the more techniques you can use to increase your visibility, the more valuable Facebook is to your clinic.

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