Measure Success and Refine Your Social Media Strategy


How do you know if your sales video and social posts are succeeding? By reviewing your metrics! Remember the goal you set out to achieve with the video. Your goal might have been to be more present on social media, to gain more attendees at an event, to gather new patients, or to get local community members more familiar with your practice. In order to know If your posts have achieved your goal, you will need to look at metrics.

Here are some metrics you should consider tracking:

  • Social media shares
  • Social media comments
  • Video views on social media channels
  • Landing page views
  • Average time spent on landing page
  • Referrals
  • Average time spent watching the video
  • Number of office visitors

Review your metrics and tailor your strategy as needed. If some aspect of your sales process isn’t working, make changes to improve your results. Whether that means adjusting the time and frequency of your posts, changing your call to action, altering what networks you post on, etc.

The power of insights is in how you respond to them. If your video has been well received by your audience, understand the why and how so you can replicate successful tactics in future videos.

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