Opportunity: Lost and Found


As consumer spending habits evolve, so must your approach to new patient acquisition and retention. Complacency causes stagnation; once a practice becomes stagnant in reaching and converting new patients, it takes a long time to repair the damage. For many, it’s irreparable.

As a practice owner, you should always be focused on generating new patients. This continues to be the most important use of the clinics marketing spend; however, it’s become increasingly important to make sure you maximize every interaction with the patients you’re driving into your practice. Not only do you need to get more creative about how you are bringing in new patients through different marketing strategies, but you also need to impress them as soon as they enter your clinic.

According to Brian Taylor, AuD, the average practice will see 56 patients in a typical week. That is 56 interaction opportunities a week to differentiate and sell your service. Since repetition is one of the keys to learning, you need a system capable of delivering a consistent message.

Companies must invest in alternative marketing vehicles that interact with patients throughout the purchase process. It becomes amplified during the crucial product evaluation phase as patients seek information, reviews, and recommendations before making their purchase. Influencing the patient’s decision at this critical point requires that you integrate point-of-care systems along with your traditional media to improve the emotional connection with the patient.

Digital signage solutions, such as Hearing News Network™, are now more affordable than ever. Understanding the cost also may help to alleviate any concern that this investment will detract from a practice’s core marketing initiatives. Based on the typical number of weekly patients, the total added cost to your marketing budget for a custom digital signage platform works out to be about 40 cents per patient per day (subscription fee/work days/average daily patients).

For the first time, businesses are able to have complete control — mastery, even — over all of their media assets, marketing materials and public-facing content across as many locations as they want. In other words, it gives complete control of the company’s brand to the people who can make the most out of having that control. Picture this—you launch a new product and instantly your patients are made aware of it. By investing in digital signage you have far greater control over your brand. It’s that simple.

To learn more about HNN or to get started on your subscription today, please visit https://cleardigitalmedia.net/cdm-tv/.

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