Rejuvenating Your Digital Signage Content


Refresh.  Reset.  Reevaluate.  Rejuvenate.  This time of year is perfect for doing all of these things.  With new goals, renewed clarity, and fresh starts in mind, make sure your HNN custom content is not the last thing to get an overhaul. 

That’s right, digital signage content must constantly be updated and rejuvenated to ensure you are getting the most out of it.  Thankfully, our team ensures all of the seasonal and educational pieces on your stream get updated and rotated frequently. The one thing we can’t do for you is make updates to your custom content. In order for your waiting room engagement system to be as effective as possible, your custom content must be accurate and relevant.

Our content team can send you a link where you can view all of your custom videos at your leisure and make comments on any edits you want to see. Just email us at to get the process started.  

You will want to review all of your videos to ensure no former employees are featured. If you have brought on any new team members lately, you can request for them to be added to your custom content library. Consider if you will be hosting any events or running any specials in the near future. Our design team can develop custom videos to keep your patients informed. Also consider if you offer any new services you want to share or if you’ve collected any great testimonials. All of these can be developed into custom videos to incorporate in your waiting room video stream.

If you have any questions or are ready to make changes to your custom content today, email us at

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