Still on the Fence About Digital Signage?


Anyone who has ever sat in a doctor’s office lobby or waiting room knows that time slows down when one is waiting for an appointment or an update on a loved one.

Instead of having patients sit in waiting rooms and look at old magazines, the health care industry seems to be recognizing the benefits of outfitting their waiting rooms with digital signage, like CDM TV.

Digital signage is considered one of the most effective communications tools due to the dynamic nature of the screen content changing from image to image or pure video, versus the use of static signage. Placing digital signage in waiting rooms gives providers the ability to reinforce their brand, educate patients about key service offerings and provide overall enhancement to the patient’s experience.

Although it may be easy to mount a screen in a waiting room and tune it to CNN or the Food Network, doing so can be a waste of a tremendous opportunity. Not to mention you can’t control the ads on cable TV. Your competitors commercial could play in your waiting room. There are numerous studies that demonstrate that people are extremely receptive to custom content that they can’t get elsewhere.

If you think about it, those screens afford each individual healthcare provider the ability to showcase their skills and offer additional healthcare opportunities to patients.

Beyond serving to entertain waiting patients and inform them of additional services, digital signage networks can generate additional revenue for medical offices in a number of ways. One is by playing manufacturer ads that discuss the products you sell at your practice. Educating patients about the products and technology available is the best way to sell.

CDM TV can transform your waiting room into a powerful patient engagement tool and marketing strategy. To learn more, please visit

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