Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns


Phone and social media aren’t the only way that doctors communicate with one another or their patients. Actually, 62% of physicians and other healthcare providers prefer communication via email in comparison to direct mail, phone calls, and in-person visits. So if you’re trying to generate more referrals, then we hope you’ve implemented an email marketing campaign.

Our team is here to help! Our MDEmails service allows you to reach out to physicians with custom emails designed by our team. We have licensed access to over 900,000 physician emails through the American Medical Association (AMA). MDEmails is affordable and the perfect compliment to any hearing care provider’s existing physician outreach program.

We understand that people use their mobile devices for lots of reasons including reading emails. Research says, 75% of physicians use smartphones and tablets for professional reasons, and that checking email is the top reason for using these mobile devices in the workplace.

So if you’ve been trying to reach another doctor and they haven’t responded to your voicemail messages, try an email instead.

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