The Benefits Of A Patient Satisfaction Survey


Knowing whether or not the patient’s overall level of satisfaction with their experience was positive or negative can have a serious impact on any practice. And the only way to take advantage of this knowledge is to actually address the issues raised by the results of a survey.

If the patient satisfaction survey indicates that it is generally easy to make an appointment, but also indicates that there is a level of dissatisfaction with the amount of time actually spent with the doctor, adjustments should be made. If the survey shows that generally, patients accomplished their goals with their visit, but that there would likely not be a referral to a friend or family member, adjustments should be made.

The vast array of benefits from a successful patient satisfaction survey will only be realized if the entire staff is made aware of the results, and both strengths and weaknesses of the practice are recognized and acted upon. It might not be the doctor who is potentially creating an issue with the practice. It is generally a team effort, so staff awareness of the results of a survey is essential.

The knowledge of the patient’s opinion of his or her experience in your office is invaluable. It is, in many ways, just as important to the success of the practice as a correct diagnosis is to the health of the patient. In fact, if used properly, the patient satisfaction survey can truly serve as a diagnostic tool for the practice. It will help you increase patient safety, reduce your liability, and perhaps even serve as a marketing tool. Keep in mind that happy clients tend to make positive recommendations, whether it be for a good restaurant or a good doctor.

PatientPoll™ can help you survey your patients while they are in your office. And it can even tabulate the results for you. Asking patients about your practice while they’re already in your office will give you a higher and more reliable submission rate. Plus, you can identify and rectify any issues directly.

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