The Importance of a Personalized Patient Experience


It is no longer enough to offer a product or service – there are plenty of those to go around, after all, and plenty of competitors eager to offer the same product and services for a penny or two less than the prevailing rate.

In order to have a leg up over the competition, it’s all about the experience you give your patients. Technology is a tool to create those experiences. Good experiences linger in the mind for days, weeks, and sometimes even months.

Whether it’s a one-to-one interaction to provide information, or it’s a one-to-many experience, you’re giving people a great feeling about being in your practice. There are many ways to approach this, but technology and our services can certainly help.

A patient has chosen your clinic over a big box store or franchised location because they want a personalized experience from local caregivers. Ensure you give them what they are expecting because leveraging this can help you stand out from your competitors. Something as simple as a personalized welcome sign and a friendly greeting from your front office staff can make someone feel special. But using technology can push that experience even further.

Waiting room entertainment networks like Hearing News Network® is a great way to show that you value your patient’s time and you want to use it by educating him or her about the hearing loss industry and your practice. You can work with our design team to create custom videos that will play on the screen that can speak directly to the patients in your community. Whether it be invitations to upcoming events, sharing stories of your clinic’s philanthropy, or even a custom welcome message, our team can help add those videos to your screen.

Another way to give your patients a customized experience is to offer them your PatientPoll tablet to answer a survey. This shows that you value this patient’s opinion and want to hear their feedback. You are choosing to hand this visitor an individualized tablet, you are not sending them a mass email. This act may be small, but it has the potential to make a huge impact on a patient.

The closer the customer can get to the personalized experience, the more he is going to interact with your brand and have a better feeling about it. Our staff can help you with this. Just call Abigail Tichler (630-321-2343) to start brainstorming some ideas for your clinic today.

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