Using Patient Satisfaction Surveys as a Quality Improvement Tool


Patients’ perceptions of the quality of care and services they receive at a healthcare practice offer practitioners and staff valuable information and data on which to build improvement efforts. One method for collecting information about patient experiences is through the use of patient satisfaction surveys. A well-designed and implemented survey can collect critical patient feedback and also serve as a tool for improving communication between healthcare providers/staff and patients.

However, even the best-planned mail-in or email surveys only have a fraction submitted. What if there was a way to have 100% of your patients complete your survey and ensure their response accuracy? PatientPoll™ can help you do that. With Patient Poll’s instant patient satisfaction platform, accurate results based on a few highly relevant questions, targeting specific areas of your business, are available in real-time through our reports portal which is designed to get you the most critical results at your fingertips

Real-time Patient Satisfaction Surveys should be a best practice standard at your hearing clinic. Clear Digital Media has developed a mobile based Instant Patient Satisfaction platform and live reporting dashboard to capture the experience of all your patients in real-time, at the point-of-care. Identifying and addressing specific opportunities in real-time can lead to better organizational performance and, ultimately, better patient outcomes. The Patient Poll platform expands the voice of patients by capturing patient feedback, from a tablet or mobile device, while they are still under your care.

With PatientPoll™ you are able to design your own questions to fit your patient base and get to the bottom of your burning questions. When developing or choosing a satisfaction survey suitable for your healthcare practice, remember that the survey does not need to be, and probably should not be, overly complex. A concise, logical, and easy-to-understand survey will likely encourage more participation and higher-quality information.

With PatientPoll™ you can actually get the results of your survey within seconds and it can tabulate all of your data for you. You will be able to compare the results over certain time periods, between questions, or even between practice locations. Once the results are compiled, the practice manager should consider reviewing the results with the entire staff. Sharing this information demonstrates that the healthcare practice takes quality improvement and patient satisfaction seriously.

Continually gauging patient satisfaction and using the feedback to implement or build on quality improvement initiatives will help demonstrate a commitment to patient-centered care and improve the overall healthcare experience.

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