What’s Geofencing?

Geofencing is a technical word for a quite simple concept: it’s all about setting virtual areas and monitoring a smartphone or tablet entry and exit of these areas. The main interest is to present your digital ad to a new or existing patients at the right moment, when they enter your geofence.

Creating a geofence for a mobile banner ad campaign will allow a brand to tailor banner promotions to a mobile user’s real-time location, increasing banner click rates, and website visits.

A geofence for a mobile ad campaign can be as big or as small as the business wants. If you are looking to use zip code targeting, we recommend a radius of 1-10 miles around the chosen location. And if you are looking to target an area that is larger than a 10 mile radius, we recommend a designated marketing area (DMA) plan. A business can also create multiple SMS geofences, which would be useful if they had multiple locations. For more information CLICK HERE. We can create a geofence around any designated marketing area. However, utilizing a one mile radius SmartFence around a designated zip code is our most popular option.
Our standard pricing is $10 for every 1,000 ads delivered. And you can start a campaign with a budget as little as $500!

Have more questions about how to leverage location based mobile marketing services like SmartFencing to increase mobile redemption rates in your own mobile marketing campaigns? Email Brad Dodson at Brad.Dodson@cleardigitalmedia.net we’d be happy to discuss the capabilities of this exciting technology!

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