4 Moves You Can Make to Improve Your Clinic

  1. Social Media –Social media is the newest form of communication. It’s no longer enough to just have the social media page; you need to keep up with it and post regularly. And video is the ideal way to engage followers. However, it’s not easy or cheap to develop your own videos. That’s why we offer an affordable, stress-free alternative: SocialVideos2Go™.


  1. Waiting Room Entertainment – No one wants to read old magazines or watch talk show reruns. Instead use your patients’ time wisely. HNN® and KIC makes use of that wait time by preconditioning patients before they meet with their doctor, keeping them entertained while they wait, and educating them on aspects of their condition. Some patients have even lost track of time while being absorbed in our riveting HNN® and KIC content. Regardless of how short your clinic’s typical wait time is, HNN® KIC can improve your patients’ experience and enhance your clinic environment.


  1. Increase Sales – Manufacturer advertisements can play on any of our networks and inform patients about the products your clinic offers. This will keep patients educated about the products currently on the market and has the potential to spark conversations with you about which products are best for them. Having customizable television content in your waiting room allows you to only advertise the manufacturers and services you offer without having to battle with competitors.


  1. Freshen Waiting Room Design – By installing a flat-screen TV and utilizing the best technology available to deliver you customizable networks, you are modernizing your clinic’s waiting room.

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