PatientPoll – What Is It?

PatientPoll is Clear Digital Media’s instant patient satisfaction survey. Instead of hoping patients complete a dreaded post-service online or telephone-based survey after their visit our PatientPoll solution will encourage instant patient satisfaction results. Our system can present results instantly in a graph-based dashboard.

Using a tablet, your patients can complete custom surveys that reflect your clinic’s service. The results can instantly be viewed through a concise, easy to read virtual dashboard that can be reviewed at any time.

We recommend an iOS or Android tablet that you may already own or we can provide one for you. The tablet can be handed to a patient in the waiting room, during their exam, or before they leave your practice. It’s a great way to get real-time feedback while the patient’s experience is so fresh. In addition, you know the timing is ideal for your patients as they have already reserved time for their appointment with you. Therefore you are more likely to have the survey completed instead of bugging them at home hours or days later with an email survey.

With PatientPoll, you get instant feedback. No more waiting for mail or phone-based surveys to be returned. You can get a 100% response rate. To learn more, please visit

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