5 Ways to Use Video to Boost Your Social Media Pages


It is likely that your clinic has a social media page, if not a few. But are you having trouble drawing attention to your posts?

In this post you’ll find five ways to use video to boost your social media efforts.

#1: Greet Facebook Fans With a Featured Video

Facebook allows you to select a featured video that will appear in your page’s About section.

To add a featured video, go to your page’s Videos tab and click Add Featured Video.

Then select a video from the list of videos you’ve uploaded. If you haven’t uploaded a video to Facebook, you need to do that first and then select that video as your featured video.

Make sure the video you choose is a good representation of your business because it’s likely the first video visitors will watch. SocialVideos2Go™ can help you create custom videos that send a message and invite engagement.

#2: Expand Your Facebook Reach With Video Posts

According to a Socialbakers study, video posts have the most organic reach of any type of Facebook post.

So an easy way to improve the reach of your posts is to include a video uploaded directly to Facebook. Out SocialVideos2Go™ video library offers a great variety of videos that reinforces your clinic’s focus and message.

#3: Attract YouTube Subscribers With a Channel Trailer

If you have a YouTube channel, set up a channel trailer. This video plays automatically for visitors who are not subscribed to your channel.

The channel trailer is your elevator pitch to potential subscribers. SocialVideos2Go™ can easily take your clinic into video plays on your HNN® waiting room screen and rework it for use on your YouTube channel.

Go to your YouTube channel and find the option to add a channel trailer (also referred to as an unsubscribed trailer). Click the Channel Trailer button, shown below.

Next, select your video or enter the video’s YouTube URL. Then click Save.

Note: If you haven’t uploaded any videos, you won’t see the Channel Trailer option. In this case you need to enable the channel browse view first. Hover over the section with your channel name and click the pencil icon that appears on the right. Select Edit Channel Navigation, and then in the dialog box, enable the Browse View and click Save.

#4: Stand Out on Social Media With Video Posts

Adding SocialVideos2Go™ videos to the homepage of your clinic’s website can change the way a link is displayed on social media. Adding this video can take advantage of the open graph to get social shares of your pages to stand out on Facebook and Twitter.

When a tweet or post including your website link is published, the video from your homepage will appear under the original post.

If you use the self-hosted version of WordPress for your website, you can utilize premium plugins like Yoast Video SEO for WordPress to optimize your video pages for both search engines and social media.

#5: Enhance Blog Posts With Embedded Video

You can enhance your blog content and increase social engagement by embedding video posts on your website. In addition to embedding YouTube videos, you can embed video posts from Twitter and Facebook.

Embedding video in social posts is a powerful way to include video in your blog content while also improving engagement on social channels.

Embed a Facebook video post

To embed a video post from Facebook, click the arrow at the top right of the post and then choose Embed Post.

Facebook displays the video post’s embed code, which you can copy and paste the code into your web page or blog post.

By embedding the Facebook post, people can view the video without leaving your blog post. Users can like your page and engage with the post from there, adding new life to that post.

Embed a Twitter video tweet

You can also embed a tweet with video, a picture, or text. If you embed a tweet with video, people can watch the embedded video, follow your Twitter account and reply, retweet or favorite that tweet directly from your blog post.


Video significantly increases engagement and sharing on social media. SocialVideos2Go™ can make it easy for your clinic to post custom, relevant, and educational content for your current and future patients to engage with.

For more information on SocialVideos2Go™, visit SocialVideos2go.com or email Brad Dodson at Brad.Dodson@cleardigitalmedia.net.

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