How Social Media Videos can Benefit Your Clinic

By HNN2Go, How To's

Social media is how most people and companies are communicating these days. It is a free, accessible, and easy way to send a message to an existing audience and to encourage patient engagement.

Regularly creating captivating posts is essential, and SocialVideos2Go™ offers you an easy way to upload dynamic, sharable content that can benefit your physical clinic along with your digital reputation. Here are some ways that regular social media posts can improve your clinic:

Improve your customer service. Patients now have more options when it comes to choosing a practice. They want to find providers who make the effort to engage with them and be helpful. Social media can make inroads in these areas. By offering a forum for patients to ask questions—without necessarily having an appointment—it allows them to stay updated about your services and determine affordability. When patients have reasons to engage, they are more likely to do so—and more likely to choose your practice first when they need a health service or product.

Discover your patients’ needs and wants. Your practice can get insightful feedback—both good and bad—via messaging through your social media channels. Using SocialVideos2Go™ videos to virtually/digitally engage with your existing and potential patients through social media gives you an opportunity to get to know your audience more.

Use social media insights to improve and target your services. Through social media, providers can find out what patients are willing to do to resolve their hearing issues, and what obstacles they are facing. It also offers a way for patients to understand what services and products your clinic offers.

Create a social media presence. Creating a presence on social media can help attract new patients to your clinic. You will post interesting, sharable content (example: SocialVideos2Go videos). Your current patients will share this content with their friends and give your content and your clinic a whole new audience. And when this new audience decides it is time for healthcare appointment, your clinic will come to mind.

Position yourself as a resource. Posting relevant, educational content on social media can position your clinic as a resource for your current and potential clients. Social media users will be learning from your website and will know to come to your clinic when they have further questions or concerns.

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