Appealing to Millennials with Digital Signage


In the last five years, the marketing industry has continued to evolve, from posters and scrolling displays to digital displays; with momentum pushing industry leaders from installers of LCD screens to digital signage strategists. Today’s digital communication is weaving together print, mobile, and social media to create a unique digital experience that enhances the brand and brings about engagement.

With the rise of millennials – digital natives – who understand and have an affinity with technology, they want to be associated with brands that talk to and interact with them. As we know, millennials are experiencing hearing loss at a higher rate than any other generation before due to the prevalence of earbuds and mobile technologies. This demographic is your future patient base, and in order to market to them, you need to use the technology they want to see: digital ads, mobile delivery, custom messaging, etc.

Digital signage, when used most effectively, has the ability to create a tailored in-office experience for patients.  Because millennials seek out content digitally, information must be shared quickly to the exact place where they’ll be looking; with dynamic digital signage systems updating messaging quickly and targeting it effectively.

Millennials also have huge purchasing influence as they’re socially connected and have larger and more powerful networks than other generations. Using the power of social sharing via your digital signage systems or mobile videos creates an opportunity for your patients to influence their network and promote your practice.

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