CDM TV and Pre-Appointment Preparation


CDM TV is the perfect engagement tool for hearing healthcare practitioners. Digital displays, like CDM TV, placed in waiting areas allow clinicians to prime their patients for appointments before they enter the exam room:

  • Digital displays can provide important health information patients might otherwise be unaware of; for example, the relationship between hearing loss and depression, dementia, and diabetes.
  • Signage encourages patients to interact with their physicians by providing suggestions or reminders for health screenings. For example, patients could be encouraged to ask their clinicians for further information on a topic or about a battery club program your clinic offers.
  • Engaging digital displays are known to decrease patients’ perceived time spent waiting for appointments. This single benefit can contribute to significant increases in patient satisfaction.

By supporting the patient experience with information, digital signage for healthcare helps build trust with patients and help make them feel comfortable in clinical settings—an important aspect of providing a quality experience overall.

To get CDM TV in your waiting room today and start educating your patients before their appointments, visit

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