CDM TV Screen Placement


You’ve signed your CDM TV contract. You’ve purchased your recommended TV. Now what?

Placing your TV in your waiting area is not as simple as it sounds. You want to be sure that you set up your CDM TV screen in a great location to allow for maximum impact.

If your TV is up too high, or gets glare on it during high-traffic times of the day, and your patients won’t see it or won’t care to look at it. You want your screens at eye level, or a little higher — and if higher, tilt them down slightly. Keep in mind that “eye level” for a standing patient may be very different for a sitting patient. You also need to make sure your screens are where people actually go and spend time – sticking an expensive display in a hallway by the rarely-visited supply closet does you no good. We always recommend that your CDM TV screen be featured prominently in your waiting area. Some clients have purchased a secondary screen to feature the same great content in their exam room or front window to maximize the messaging power of CDM TV.

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