In-App Ads Fastest Growing Sector of Mobile Advertising

Spending on in-app advertising is expected to reach $17 billion by 2018, according to a report by Juniper Research. This amount is up dramatically from the $3.5 billion spent in 2013, and makes in-app advertising the fastest growing sector of the mobile advertising market. And now thanks to SmartFencing you can get a piece of the action for your practice. Within the world of mobile advertising, experts view in-app advertising as the future.

In-app advertising is [ideally] more effective because it enables advertisers to target people with the right ad at the right time — capturing their attention without being annoying, encouraging interaction, giving them greater control over the situation. SmartFencing allows you to target the right patient demographic at the right time.

There is a clear trend towards utilizing location-based advertising to drive greater relevance. Advertisers and ad networks now have the ability to collect and process large amounts of consumer data, and quickly leverage that information into a targeted ad. Through SmartFencing you can target a specific demographic of patient as soon as they set foot inside of your assigned geofenced area.

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