Use Digital Signage to Interact with your Patients


It is no longer enough to merely sell products and services – today, successful businesses engage their customers on both intellectual and emotional levels. Digital signage, like HNN and KIC, can accomplish both goals while invigorating your bottom line.

Generally, when digital signage is referred to as interactive, that means the patient will be called upon to do something to trigger events on the screen. Many of our generic videos encourage the viewer to speak to you or your staff for more information on a specific topic. And a handful of your custom content encourages your patients to follow you on your social media platforms. But there is so much more potential in your screen!

Your HNN screen can be used as a tool for you to interact with your patients. You already know that the generic content will entertain and educate your patients about hearing health issues, therefore reducing their perceived wait time. But once you take advantage of the custom content feature that comes with your subscription, the possibilities are endless!

You can inform your patients about your practice: Introduce your staff members, share your office hours, invite them to any upcoming events, list all of the services you offer, and tell them about multiple locations they could visit. All of these videos will make patients feel more familiar with your practice, therefore forming a stronger bond.

Beyond the relationships you build with your patients, there are still more possibilities to help your bottom line. You can feature ads for the products you sell and give your patients an opportunity to learn about their features before you even mention the product. You can work with our design team to create custom content that encourages patients to review your clinic online, therefore improving your SEO.

While we know that all of the generic content that plays on your HNN screen is incredible and works great to keep your patients educated and entertained, there is so much more you could be doing with your custom content.  It’s about using that screen to interact with the patient and using it to build a relationship.

Start brainstorming some ideas and give our Product Manager, Abigail Tichler (630-321-2343), a call to discuss some of your options. Our design team can get started right away!

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