Traditional Marketing Blends into Digital.


Over the last few years, marketers have begun to divide their marketing campaigns into 3 categories: traditional, digital, and social. We know that traditional marketing such as TV commercials, newspaper ads, and mailings are likely where you are most comfortable. It is the marketing technique that your practice has used the longest and it has been working just fine. So why fix what’s not broken?

Because the market is changing. How consumers and patients of all ages find the services and products they need is shifting toward the digital world. Fewer and fewer Americans are subscribing to newspapers. And Netflix and Hulu subscriptions are flying off the shelves in order to replace expensive cable. In order to stay relevant in a deteriorating market, you have to diversify your strategy and get on top of the marketing styles that are growing more popular in our digital world.

People are addicted to their social media platforms. If you think this is only true of millennials, you are wrong. Social media has infiltrated every demographic from middle schoolers to seniors. With instant access to social media made possible by mobile devices, there is no audience that social media marketing cannot reach.

The fastest growing marketing sector getting people’s attention is social media. There is no denying that your practice needs to embrace this marketing strategy. If you haven’t already, create an account for your practice on multiple social media platforms. But creating the account and asking for followers is not enough. You need to be actively using this account. Sharing stories, updates, and special announcements with all of your current and potential patients. Make sure they know about any special offers you have, any upcoming educational events, and any new offices changes that might shock patients if they haven’t been in for a while.

You may think that social media marketing and digital marketing are the same because they both utilize the internet and mobile devices, but that’s not entirely true. Social media marketing is used to build relationships with your community and allow them to form trust with you and your staff between appointments. But digital marketing goes beyond social media followers and reaches out to new patients through digital ads. These can be banner ads, geofenced ads, or even personalized emails. These ads are delivered outside of social media.

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