Video Marketing Tips for Dentists


We know that 24% of the population fears your business, you only see your customers twice a year (on average), and there are competitors on every block of your city. These are steep challenges for any dental professional.

Luckily, our team at Clear Digital Media is at the ready, just waiting to fill reclining chairs with new patients. Along with tools like referral programs, patient engagement, and social media, video has become a highly effective marketing tool for many dental practices.

By building trust among potential patients, educating and retaining current patients, and harnessing the unique benefits of on-site video, savvy dentists are edging out their competition and growing their businesses by adding Klear Impakt Channel (KIC) to their waiting room.

When it comes to building any sustainable business, retaining current patients, and creating meaningful relationships with them is just as important as finding new ones. In order to educate your patients and stay relevant, KIC produces educational videos that are relevant to your dental care services.
Patients are often inundated with information, so educational videos serve as a friendly and useful tool. Using these videos outside of the office on your social media with SocialVideos2Go can be a follow up tool to remind patients of useful information after an overwhelming appointment. You become the resource for your patients rather than a Google search.

These types of videos can also help foster relationships with patients who haven’t visited in a little while. You can deliver relevant information to patients in their homes. With increased exposure to their dental care provider, patients can become more familiar and comfortable with the practice. Why wait 6 months (or more) to talk to your patients when social media video can scale personal communication?

The truth is, as a dental practice (or any small business), if you don’t have a strong web presence, your competitors will outrank you on search engines. It’s as simple as that.

Contact us today to get KIC started in your waiting room and add SocialVideos2Go to your social media.

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